Medication Recalls, Oh My!

It was a morning almost like any other. The sun was shining on this late November day, the birds were chirping, the coffee was perking, and the zen was flowing. Then, all was interrupted by a text alert that a particular high blood pressure medication had been RECALLED.

The first thing I considered as my step-father read the details aloud was that I had always associated the word RECALL with THINGS like cars or phones or toys. How wrong I was. How awful to think that a medication that you are currently taking to improve or maintain your health can actually harm you.

After sharing with me the details of the recall, my stepfather announced that this medication was, in fact, the medication that he currently takes. Without missing a beat, or paying any attention to the terror on my mug, he emailed his doctor:

 Hey, Dr. Doctor: 

I just wanted to let you know that I just read about the recall on my high blood pressure medication. I did take it this morning. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

I was impressed with that he hadn’t immediately had an urge to panic or feel anger or despair. He took control by letting his doctor know that he was keeping up with current trends in medication.

Does this make me worry less about why there are medications being perscribed that are potentially harmful? Nope.

Lesson: Take control of all things that pertain to you by being informed. Read, listen, and watch and advocate for yourself by talking with your doctor. Do not rely on blind trust and an assumed expertise. You are your own best advocate. 

Published by Kim Alvarez-Cazzetto

Actor, story teller, New Yorker, lover of reading, writing, travel, food, theater, technology, dance, film, art, animals, and, of course, New York City.

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