I’m Kim Cazzetto

I am a native New Yorker (BrookLYN!). Two years ago, I moved to Savannah, Georgia where the air is warm and the Spanish moss waves hello all day long. Before becoming a freelance writer, I was an English Language Arts teacher. I even dabbled in administration. I LOVED teaching and found such fulfillment that, before I knew it, twenty years snuck by me.

My love for writing really bloomed when I began writing curriculum. First, it was out of necessity. Then it became clear to me that existing curriculum could be improved (and it desperately needed to be). So, I began rewriting, editing, and developing curriculum. Eventually, I transitioned into online teaching/learning platforms and instructional technology in order to keep my students engaged and keep up with ever evolving trends in technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world into a very surreal time. In the world of education, this has meant a shift to remote teaching and learning. This shift is easy for some, but a struggle for many.

The struggle has led me here.

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