Being a Language Arts teacher is wonderful and stressful.
Planning lessons should not add to your stress.

You need less stress.
You need good, relevant, deliverable lessons.

Remote Instruction

When the Pandemic turned the world upside-down, it changed education in many ways. Remote instruction, and its synchronous and asynchronous counterparts, may be here for quite some time. Ensuring that students still receive quality instruction is possible.

Independent Reading & Writing

Independent reading and writing tasks have the ability to empower students, build their confidence, and create a genuine invested interest in learning.

The Good.
The Relevant.
The Deliverable.

Been using the same instructional units and strategies for a little too long? Know that your content and methods could be, should be, need to be more relevant? I get it. Creating instructional materials that students will connect with and care about is a challenge, and challenges are time consuming.

Instructional Unit Categories

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Independent Reading

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Teacher Resources

Need Something Specific?

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