Freelancing For You

I’m Kim Cazzetto and I am a writer.
In the last 25 years, I have been a passionate English
teacher, student, singer, tap dancer, traveler, aromatherapist,
entrepreneur, and crusader. I am now focusing all of that
life experience on writing content and copy for educational
and personal development e-commerce platforms.

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Businesses need content that is engaging, honest, and to the point. Stop losing potential customers within one minute of their visit to your site.


Let’s bring issues in education to the masses through newsletters, direct email marketing, and blog posts. Need curriculum that is as innovative as it is aligned with the standards of your state or district? You got it.

Personal Development

Improving oneself is critical to success in every aspect of our lives. Whether your focus is personal or professional, your content needs to convey clear solutions to the specific issues that hold us all back.

Everything In Between

Good writing is critical to communicating an important message. Your business may want to use additional tools to help convey your messaging like custom graphics, social media posts, custom ads, and print copy.

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