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Welcome to your Web Quest on-line research task for The Adventures of Ulysses!

World Mythology WebQuest

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You are in the middle of the amazing classic tale of Ulysses and his long journey home from the Trojan War. While many of you have already read many myths prior to the seventh grade and are familiar with some of the characters in our narrative, there still remain so many myths from all over the world for you to discover!

This Web Quest is an opportunity for you to research and become an expert on the mythology of a culture other than Greek or Roman.

Follow the steps/guidelines below to complete this assignment.


  1. Answer the FIVE questions below by visiting various sites on the Internet, AND with the help of books in school library. You will receive 20 points for each question answered correctly.
  2. When you have gathered your information, you will answer each question on the handout provided in class.
  3. Due Date: Hand in to Mrs. Cazzetto on Thursday, March 29th. 


Answer each question below. Locate your answers by visiting the links provided, or books in the library when indicated. These links are your sources. Be patient, read, and gather information by taking notes.

1. Which country’s mythology will you research? Choose to research the mythology/folklore of ONE culture. Use this link to help you decide which culture interests you the most. Where in the world is your country/culture located? Be specific. Consider including a map. Include background information about this country’s traditions in storytelling or mythology.

Myths from around the world

World of Tales

Book Riot

Frog Kings

Folklore and Mythology

2. Which one myth has a clear hero? Here’s where you should provide a retelling of a myth. You may obtain a copy from a book, or copy and paste the myth if you have found it using an online source. Either way, you must be sure to cite your source at the end of the narrative.

3. Create a list of at least three (3) other myths from your chosen culture. This list can serve as recommendations to your classmates for further reading.

4. What does the myth look like? Mythology, no matter which culture, has existed for such a long time that there is an almost infinite supply of art depicted for many stories. Provide at least two images of mythology from your culture (preferably for the myth that you retold). Be sure to explain each image and provide the title and artist.

5. Conclusion. Provide a summary of what has been learned about the mythology/folklore of your chosen culture. This should be a complete paragraph and should follow the rules of any concluding paragraph (refer to your class handouts). Don’t forget to leave the reader with a parting thought on the topic of mythology, or something specific that was learned as a result of this project.


Below details how your work will be evaluated.

Each question is worth 15 points.

Your responses will be evaluated on the following:

  • All questions are answered completely and written properly.
  • Work is neat.
  • Your sources are cited at the bottom of each response.

Additionally, your effort and focus during the three days of work for this project is worth 20 points. For this portion of your grade, you will be evaluated on the following:

  • Following directions
  • Remaining focused and on task
  • Respecting the computer lab and library materials and equipment


The purpose of this WebQuest is to have you experience a journey similar to our protagonist, Ulysses. This journey, however, is one of intellectual research and discovery. Still, you may encounter challenges, you may be aided by a wiser being (me or Mrs. Mahoney), and you may even return to the Status Quo “different” than before (you’ll be filled with new knowledge and more confidence!).  This WebQuest will help you to teach yourself about new myths then put your writing skills to work in order to share that information. Remember to refer to the directions whenever you need to, and never hesitate to ask questions. Have fun on your web quest for knowledge about world mythology!


Thank you to Mrs. Mahoney for imparting her invaluable expertise in Library Science.

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