Homework is a very important part of your success in school. The purpose of homework is to help you to move forward while making sure that you have mastered the skills that we’ve been learning in class. If you find that you are having difficulty with your homework, please communicate with me either in class or on the blog.

English 7R & 7A:

Periods 1, 4, 7

Monday, January 21: No School

Tuesday, January 22: No Homework! Enjoy Life!

Wednesday, January 23: Read “Virgil” and complete character organizer.

Thursday, January 24:  Read “Sae Young” and “Curtis” and complete character organizers. Log on to Edmodo and take reading quiz by the end of the weekend!

Friday, January 25: No Classes! Have a great weekend!!

Great Books

Periods 6 & 8

Monday, January 21:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Tuesday, January 22: PHOBIAS research project: Send me a message on Edmodo suggesting your phobia.

Wednesday, January 23: PHOBIAS research project: Send me a message on Edmodo suggesting your phobia. “The End of the Party” reading quiz on Edmodo.

Thursday, January 24: Read your group reading selection! “The End of the Game” reading quiz on Edmodo.

Friday, January 25: No Classes! Have a great weekend! Take

FYI: Extra-help for English and Writing is after school in room 311 on Tuesday and Thursday and before school at 7:15 am on Tuesday and Thursday in room 311.
Mrs. Cazzetto

48 thoughts on “HW!”

  1. doing english hw on charles

  2. what do you mean by clues again??

  3. jordan hodge said:

    hi mrs cazzetto this is jordan hodge and i wanted to know where i can find the story mrs.Awful

    • Hi Jordan, I’m not going to be posting the story, “Miss Awful,” on the blog tonight. We’re going to finish reading it tomorrow in class. Only fill in the details that you can remember on the story map that was handed out in class.

      See you tomorrow!

      Mrs. C

  4. Zhara Antoine said:

    Hi. I don’t understand the homework for tonight: “What info can be concluded in the story mao so far?”. What is a story map?

    • Hi Zhara,

      The story map is the handout from class today. It helps us to organize the details in a story. All you have to do is fill in the details that you read in the story, “Miss Awful,” so far. We’re going to finish reading the story tomorrow in class. Only do what you can remember 🙂 Hope this helps.

      See you tomorrow!

      Mrs. C

  5. Zhara Antoine said:

    Hi Mrs.Cazzetto. I do not understand the homework: “What info can be included in the story map, so far?”. What is a story map? I left this comment earlier but it kept saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  6. I don’t understand what u are supposed to do on the homework

  7. Mark Bastos said:

    Hello Mrs.Cazzetto. I was wondering when you will post the poem we read in class today “The Golden-Haired Girl in the Louisiana Town”. I was having a little trouble coming up with the theme.

  8. wheres the hw for ela 7a?

  9. Justine Ferrer said:

    Hi Mrs.Cazzetto.I’m confused about the homework.It’s about the writing assignment.Is it the one where we write our final draft in our composition notebooks,the one in class or is it the one with the handout:final scene?Please write back as soon as you can.Ok thanks!

    • Hi Justine! Your homework is to write a final scene for “Antaeus”. The organizer I gave out in class is to help you organize the details in the story. That would be step one in the writing process. After you write the new final scene (on a sheet of loose leaf from your binder), we will share them in class and then revise them. Let me know if you are still confused 🙂

      Mrs. C

  10. Hi Mrs. Cazzetto

    Its umama i wanted to ask you a question. What do you mean about the homework “Complete writing assignment

  11. Zhara Antoine said:

    Hi Mrs.Cazzetto. I am trying to find information to back up my statement on why I think students should vote but, I’m not getting good results. Some websites are just talking to me about kids in poverty and others I just donot understand. I don’t know what to do now.

  12. Zhara Antoine said:

    I found a an article on cnn and the problem is that they are just talking about children, as in little children but, the question said students and not all student are little children. so i do not know how to get any information from that

    • Try going back to google (or the search engine you used) and type in the question exactly as it appears on the handout. I found many articles that way. Don’t stress. This is the first time I’ve asked you to complete this type of assignment.

      🙂 Mrs. C

  13. Zhara Antoine said:

    Hi Mrs.Cazzetto. I found a kid website where a lot kids across the country vote for differents topic and they had a vote on my topic. Is it ok if
    i use that as a sourcfe?

  14. Hi Mrs.Cazzetto i was asking if there was any homework this weekend?

  15. Zhara Antoine said:

    Hi Mrs.Cazzetto. Is our homework being graded? I’m not finding good information about Charles Dickens. The websites that I’m finding say that he was a famous writer and then it goes straight to his childhood.

  16. what is the Hw for GB pd.6 and english pd.7

    • Hi Mujtaba,

      The English homework was to read Stave III in A Christmas Carol. For Great Books you had a new story to read. I’ll give you a copy tomorrow in class. See you tomorrow.

      Mrs. Cazzetto

  17. Tonights homework was to finish reading Stave lll do we have to answer the guiding questions as well? Sorry this is so late I couldn’t get to it any sooner (after-school activities).

  18. Hi Mrs. Cazzetto for the xmas carol HW can I use one quote from the story and use it for 2 symbols

  19. Hello Mrs. Cazzetto
    is operation H S tomorrow or wednesday

  20. HI Mrs. C
    what was the english HW today

  21. Is the homework for today a short response please answer a.s.a.p

  22. I am having trouble on finding instances on “Fish Cheeks”

    • Hi Jaden,

      You are looking for examples in the story. When do we see an example of Amy and her family’s Chinese culture? When do we see an example of her and her family’s American culture? How could Amy successfully mix both cultures or be BOTH Chinese and American?

      Re-read the directions for clues and then go back to the story 🙂

  23. Fo the homework over the break it’s only to write a rough draft and than revise it, right?

  24. Rico Ford said:

    hi mrsCazzetto im wondering are we supposed to do all the boxeso the organizer for the chapters “kim” and “ana” in “seedfolk”?

  25. Is the paper you gave us the first draft or final?

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